Third-Party OCTG Thread Tech Service

The goal of Cole Enterprises’ thread tech service during the running/pulling of your OCTG products is to:

  1. Reduce the liability exposure for our customers (Oil & Gas Companies, Drilling Operators, Finishers, etc)
  2. Improve efficiency in the running/pulling of the tubulars
  3. Minimize damage due to improper handling
  4. Identify elements that may adversely affect the integrity of the connections

Cole thread inspectors possess extensive knowledge and field experience across all different connection types, materials, and environments. They have been trained in-depth by each connection’s manufacturer specs as well as general policies and procedures and safe practices during each stage of the tubular running/pulling process. Over the past 30 years, Cole Enterprises’ third-party service representatives have successfully supervised the running/pulling of tens of millions of feet of tubular goods, worldwide both onshore and offshore.

  • Identification

    Identify all tubulars for thread compatibility with each other and accessories

  • Inspection

    Ensuring correct drifting, cleaning, inspection and tallying of all joints and accessories


  • Handling

    Ensuring safe and proper handling of tubulars during the entire process of running/pulling

  • Monitoring

    100% visual inspection/monitoring on the rig floor, and full job report with commentary


  • Procedures

    Ensuring that the thread manufacturer’s specifications are strictly adhered to during each stage

  • Oversight

    Monitor the casing crew, torque-turn and rig crew during running/pulling of tubulars


  • Safety

    Adhering to the safety standards set by the Customer and Industry

Independent and impartial, our technical and field-trained service contractors provide comprehensive solutions to these vulnerabilities inherent in the handling and running/pulling of tubulars with premium threads. And when coupled with our handling tool rentals, we provide you with a simple one-stop shop for any and all of your premium, semi-premium, and API connection needs.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!