Reliable casing/tubing thread inspection services since 1991, surpassing expectations with the highest quality standards

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Casing/Tubing Thread Inspection

Third-Party Premium Thread Reps

Independent. Objective. And the Most Effective Insurance for your Casing/Tubing.

Highly experienced, trained service representatives knowledgeable across all aspects of OCTG material and connections, providing you with unmatched service.

Casing/Tubing Inspection and Tool Rentals

Handling Tool Rentals

Handling Plugs, X-Overs, Stabbing Guides, Safety Valves & More

We carry one of the most complete inventories of premium, semi-premium, and API threaded equipment. 1.25″ – 20″ available, various weights.

Casing/Tubing Thread Inspection

Thread Inspection and Repair

Assembly, Testing, Field Repair…

Visual monitoring and verification throughout the life of your casing/tubing, from threading to make-ups/break-outs, drifting, testing, gauging, and repair.

The Cole Enterprises Difference

Certified Experience

Technical knowledge and field experience in all aspects of OCTG thread design and use cases

We Got the Tools

An extensive inventory of handling tools, all certified and inspected regularly for compliance

Thorough Inspections

The highest proficiency in inspection and repair guidelines to mitigate potential issues

Procedure Driven

We utilize each manufacturer’s full tech specs for make-ups, break-outs, and inspecting your casing/tubing

Safety First

We employ an industry-standard comprehensive health and safety program

All Environments

Cole reps have experience within a wide range of applications in regions across the world

Manufacturers Represented and/or Serviced

Casing/Tubing Thread Inspection Services


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