24 Hour Field Service

Thread Inspection and Monitoring

Visual Inspections of Threads, seals and Pipe Body of Your OCTG Products


Our visual inspections are performed by seasoned oilfield technicians with years of experience in premium threads. This field experience is leveraged in order to most accurately identify problems or potential problems with the connections on your tubulars. The technicians visually inspect each tubular's pin and box end for:

  1. Pitting on the seal area
  2. Cut or mashed seals
  3. Damaged or cut threads
  4. Galling
  5. Corrosion
  6. Ovaled pin or box end

Additionally, the pipe body is visually inspected for damage that most typically are caused during handling and transportations of the tubulars. This may include bent, dented or mashed areas of the joint, corrosion on the OD, cuts into the OD that may affect the integrity of the OCTG product, etc.

Each tubular found to have cause for more concern is noted both on the tubular itself as well as documented in the field technician's Inspection Report, provided to the customer upon completion of the job.

  • Quality Service from Years of Field Experience

    • Average of 15 years experience with premium connections per service representative
    • Trained by Manufacturers to exact technical and operational specifications for each connection
    • Knowledge of proper handling and running/pulling procedures
    • Thorough visual inspection and repair procedures for premium threads
    • All levels of complexity (Chrome, Duplex, etc)
    • Service in all environments:
      Onshore, Offshore, Domestic, and Foreign
  • Visual Inspections



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