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About Cole Enterprises

Cole Enterprises was formed to provide your company the highest quality INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL service representatives for your Premium and API OCTG connections.

Since 1991 Cole Enterprises has made its top priority to provide customers with the experience necessary to perform accurate inspections and service that surpasses expectations of our customers.

Benefits to customers

Utilizing Cole Enterprises' third-party service provides our customers with a myriad of benefits to their production time as well as their bottom line, including:

  • Mitigation of Risk
  • Independent, Objective Reporting
  • Superior Service
  • Affordability

Mitigation of Risk
The biggest benefit for the Operator is that we help mitigate the risk of a failure in the premium threads. They're fragile and can be damaged easily through any step of the process from the mill to the well site. The most minute damage can cause a big problem. Our guys work with the rig crew, etc. ensuring that proper procedures are followed from start to finish.

Independent Third Party
Since Cole is an independent third party, there is no conflict of interest for the Operator if there is a problem. We can objectively look to the root cause without a vested interest in any specific manufacturer, threading mill, or otherwise. Our reporting is impartial, and focused on delivering results to the customer.

Superior Service
Our utilized service reps provide 100% rig time. We're able to monitor every connection made and corresponding torque graph, noting any potential issues so we can attempt to correct them as they happen, and provide a more complete report to the customer. Our utilized reps average 15 years experience working with premium connections and have backgrounds that provide them with a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of all types of tubular applications.

Cole Enterprises prides itself on providing exceptional service at rates that make sense to the customer. No matter where your well site or tubular goods are located, you'll receive qualified, technical expertise that won't destroy your bottom line.

About the Owner

W. Allen Cole
Allen Cole has over 30 years experience in the oilfield, specifically with premium connections. Prior to forming Cole Enterprises, he worked with Hydril (now Tenaris), servicing their premium line of threads in all types of environments across the world. His vast experience and overall expertise is leveraged in our field service training and relationships with our customers. He continues to be an invaluable resource for knowledge of all types of applications of Premium and API connections.

Allen operates Cole Enterprises with a mission to provide the best service from the most qualified technicians. His background coupled with the overall experience of our service representatives has built Cole Enterprises a reputation as a leader in Premium Connection service with our customers and in the oilfield in general. The customer, their efficiency, and their bottom line continue to be the primary focus of Cole Enterprises.



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